Welcome to The Brookfield Historical Society

The Brookfield Historical Society

The Brookfield Historical Society aims to preserve and promote the history of the Brookfield area located in the west of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Current office bearers are as follows:

President:  Don Mumford
  Evelyn Edmonds
 Margaret Watts

Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 7.00pm at the Upper Brookfield Hall, 506 Upper Brookfield Road, Upper Brookfield.

We would love to hear from past and current residents of the Brookfield area.

Ongoing Projects

Last year the Brisbane City Council approved ‘Mumford Bridge’ as an official place name.  The bridge is on Upper Brookfield Road and crosses Moggill Creek at the boundary of Upper Brookfield and (Lower) Brookfield.  The name has been installed below the suburb signs each side of the bridge.

Carol Bourne and her sister Kay, daughters of Jack and Kath Marshall, are working on the official naming of ‘Marshalls Flat’, an area of land on both sides of Upper Brookfield Road at the present street numbers 768 and 770, about two kilometres past the School.  Some local people still remember Jack’s cauliflower and bean crops on this land, as they were employed to pick them. Naming a geographical feature requires State Government approval.
John Ballard was a ‘pioneer selector’ in Brookfield.  In 1868 he bought an 80-acre portion where he brought his wife, Elizabeth, and their seven children.  The road up the valley crosses Ballards original block with a quite steep descent to Moggill Creek that was soon identified as Ballard’s Hill.  The land stayed in the Ballard family until 1985 – for 117 years – and Ballards Hill is a well-known landmark.  We are hoping to establish it as an official place name in the district.
The Society has a list of other local place names which would add to the character of the district.


If you would like to become a member of the Society please visit our membership page or contact us for more information.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held at 7.00pm on Thursday, 8 September at Upper Brookfield Hall, 506 Upper Brookfield Road, Upper Brookfield.

Recent Events

Upper Brookfield School celebrated their centenary on Saturday 30 July this year, with a well-attended event at the school.

The Brookfield Historical Society sent personal invitations to former pupils over 80 years of age, resulting in 20 acceptances. A special welcome was given to Edith Smith (1931-1938), Ted Carlow (1931-1938) and Fred Weiss (1931-1939), all of whom are over 90 and still live close by.

The Society contributed a substantial donation towards the printing of an 84-page booklet about the school. We also displayed, in folders, all the school photos we could find. Naming of students in pre-1974 photos is ongoing.  Still missing are photos for 1941-1946, 1948, 1955-1960,1965.

The Moggill Shire Soldiers’ Memorial was erected at Kenmore in 1920, and lists sixty-seven men from the district who served overseas in the First World War, as well as a further twelve who had fought in the 1899 to1902 Boer War in South Africa.

Kenmore and District Historical Society and Brookfield Historical Society mounted a display about the Memorial in the Kenmore Library in 2015.

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